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Behavior Agreement/Discipline Policy

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Please review the following camp rules and consequences for breaking the standards (and share with your minor/child if applicable). These simple standards will help ensure that every camper has a safe and successful experience.


1. Follow all normal organization/church/camp standards. Abide by all communicated camp guidelines.

2. Respect the rights of all people and their belongings. Be respectful towards and follow directions of all staff.

3. Participate in activities and maintain a good attitude. Use appropriate language at all times.

4. Keep hands, arms, and legs to yourself. Fighting, play fighting, rough-housing, and wrestling not permitted.

5. Do not bring these items: alcohol, drugs, tobacco, electronic devices, knives, weapons, air horn,

matches/lighters, and valuables.

6. Be a team player, Do what you're expected to do and use common sense.

7. Vandalism, theft or other inappropriate behavior is not accepted.

8. Being in the opposite genders cabin(s) are not acceptable at any time.


If I don't follow these standards, I realize that I am choosing to accept the consequences for my behavior. I may be restricted from activities or sent home requiring my parents/guardians to pick me up.


I have reviewed the Camp Behavior Policy with my child and understand that all standards continue while in attendance at camp. Should there be any serious difficulty with following the expectations, I support the implementation process (above) and, if necessary will leave the premises or bring my minor/child back home.

By typing my name below, I consent to the attendance of my child at the camp and consent to the Behavior Agreement / Discipline Policy indicated above.

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